he material of the office table
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Every company has a staff table for its employees. The staff table has a variety of forms and materials. Do you really know?Today's article will introduce the material of the office table and the purpose of each staff table.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Slab staff table

Solid wood office table

Steel office table

Composite office table


1. Slab staff table

Slab staff table is man-made board synthesis, assemble, board side sealing edge. Slab staff table is the desk that people commonly use, modelling is much, and the price is opposite other three kinds of material are qualitative, want cheaper a lot of.The material is man-made board, man-made board divides a good variety again, have 3 amine board, fiber-board, particleboard, finger is connected board.The characteristic of man-made board is artificial processing synthesis, material has wood chip, wood skin to wait, so the cost is very low.Wood-based panel can be cut and processed at will, so it is suitable for customized use, resulting in different shapes;Like triamine plate can also be changed at will outside the pattern and design.Panel staff table cost low so it is widely used.


2. Solid wood office table

Solid wood office table is solid wood, use walnut, oak and other more materials .Because the price of log is higher, so the price of table of solid wood makes is on the high side.Solid wood office desk because of its classic original taste, delicate  exterior, green environmental protection and does not have any pollution to the environment, so a lot of people are very fond of solid wood office desk, but the price is not cheap really, use real wood furniture now also is the symbol of a kind of status. Solid wood office desk uses whole solid board to make up of, and it is environmental protection and natural, just the price is higher, so it suits to like composed boss to use very much.


3. Steel office table

The material of steel office table is cold rolled steel commonly.steel office table can be all steel;Also can make steel and wood union, is the following is steel, the desktop is wooden;There is also a steel frame above the desktop is glass, but this is very rare.Steel office table, if nothing else, are sturdy, modern in style and suitable for some innovative enterprise office applications, ranging from low to high prices.


4. Composite office table

The composite office table made of composite materials are mainly man-made panels with natural wood skin pressed on the surface, which is generally 20-60s thick and has a variety of grain colors, such as wood grain, cloth grain, etc.General stick wood skin board board is medium board is much serve as base material, positive and negative surface press stick natural wood skin, spray a multilayer paint on the surface of wood skin again next.The plank of paint board kind, modelling is much, can do the irregular shape such as curved surface.Many offices like to use these composite office table in a modern, versatile style.

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